Choosing Dialogue: Mapping the Course Through Difficult Conversations

Thank you for your interest in the Difficult Dialogues National Resource Center's (DDNRC) 2023 Conference!

This year’s conference theme is Choosing Dialogue: Mapping the Course Through Difficult Conversations.

We are living in an age of increasing polarization and anger in our public discourse which often reinforces hostile modes of interaction with people who hold different viewpoints. This polarization has impacted our ability to work within and between communities.  Dialogues help deepen understanding of personal, group and intergroup relationship issues. Many people across the nation and world are wrestling with questions about how to engage with others who do not share the same values and/or identities and feel helpless around authentic engagement when we can’t even agree on basic facts for an informed dialogue. Further, many wrestle with how we can support respectful, transformative dialogue in face-to-face meetings, online contexts, and in physical and virtual classrooms.

We hope you will join us for our June 2023 Conference at SJSU! The Conference will take place from Monday, June 12th through Wednesday, June 14th, 2023.

The Call for Proposals for our upcoming 2023 conference is still open! The deadline to submit a proposal is Monday, February 13. Please click this link to a Google Form to submit your proposal. The Call for Proposals subpage, linked here, has more information about the Call for Proposals process. 

Are you interested in supporting our conference planning efforts? Fill out this form to express interest in serving on the DDNRC Conference committee.

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