Support and Membership

There are many ways to join and support the DDNRC - attend an event, like us on Facebook, share our newsletter with others - we encourage you to do all of the above and provide us with feedback about what other difficult dialogues you would like for us to explore and engage.

Membership & Donations

When you choose to join the work of the DDNRC through a financial commitment, you immediately contribute to the two strategic goals of the DDNRC:

  1. to develop programming  where Difficult Dialogue practitioners, researchers, faculty, staff, and students meet to share learning and experiences;
  2. to develop virtual events to help us think about and learn how to stay in dialogue in virtual spaces; and
  3. to forward the evolution of this website as a virtual resource.

Membership is $50 per year and is available in two year cycles. Select 2 Year $100 Membership  

Donations are tax-deductible in the full amount. Please select Donate on the right side panel to donate to the DDRNC.








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